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NewElectronic Listening Device Surveillance Equipment, Spy & Records Conversations
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NewSPY Bug Wall Microphone Listenner Through Device Eavesdropping Voice Equipment A
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NewSpy Cable Camera Utility Equipment Kitchen Tools Phone Accessories 2M
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NewMini 1080P HD Spy Hidden Camera Power Bank Video Recorder Cam equip
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NewVoice recorder Edic-mini Tiny+ B70 audio recorder spy equipment
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NewMini Hidden Camera Mirror Video Recorder Camcorder Audio HD Spy Equipment US
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NewHigh Sensitivity Microphone Spy Listening Equipment Long Range Listening Device
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NewVoice recorder Edic-mini Tiny+ B73 audio recorder spy equipment spy recorder
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NewCar Spy SMS/GPS/GSM/GPRS Tracker Tracking Realtime System Equip TK103B Precisely
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NewCar Spy SMS/GPS/GSM/GPRS Tracker Tracking Realtime System Equip TK103B Precisely
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NewNew Hidden camera recording devices spy equipment Detector RF signal Detector
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NewPortable Cheaters Spy Equipment GSM GPRS System iTrack GPS Tracker NEW
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NewPortable Car Key Fob Motion Detection Hidden Spy Camera Video Camcorder Equip
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NewNEW Cheaters Spy Equipment iTrack Realtime GSM GPRS Hidden GPS Tracker
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Oss Special Weapons and Equipments: Spy Devices of World War II
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NewUniversal Law Enforcement Reverse Peephole Viewer Spy Equipment
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NewiTrack GPS Tracker Mini Cheaters Spy Equipment with Alert Notification
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NewSpy Cable Camera Utility Equipment Kitchen Tools Phone Accessories 5M
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NewSpy Nanny Cam wireless WIFI Pinhole DIY Video Camera Mini Dvr Z88 Equipment
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SPY EAR III (Two-Way Communications System) Buy or Rent!

Now publish 24/7/365!

We Have Various Audio Monitoring Devices On Our Website:

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This mention rents for $95.00 per week.

The Spy Ear III is a uncut two-way (GSM-based) tri-band communications system enabling one to present to and from any location. Our new crystal-controlled Spy Ear III is the conclusion of the latest chip technology (circuitry is integrated in a only silicon chip) which allows for its minute size which makes it standard for covert communications for law enforcement, guidance (currently in use by the DEA and the Secret
Ceremony), security, executive blackmail, private investigators, and investigative journalists.


* Neck-coil Coil

* Ear Piece

* GSAM's Item

* Lithium Ion Rechargeable Battery

The human being wearing the ear piece wears the neck-turn coil which acts as a covert mic and also converts sounds at the same on occasion. The other part simply calls into our GSAMs (tri-gang) unit and the coil converts the call(s) into audible sounds the ear-share wearer can understand.

* Time two-way communication!

* Simple and yet very cosmopolitan!

* World-wide usability!

* 2-3 Hours of Unceasing Use.

* Uses T-Moble or AT&T/Cingular (GSM-based) Sim Cards


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