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NewNew LCD Display Screen for Nokia 5300 6233 6234 6275 7370 7373 E50
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x2 Nokia 5300 5200 LCD Display Screen Video Picture Visual Replacement Part USA
End time: 26-Mar-18 23:43:26 PDT

NewLCD Clear Screen Protector for Nokia 5300 XpressMusic
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NewLCD Screen Flex Cable Flat Ribbon For Nokia 5200 5300
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The Mobile Chronicles

First of all, how do you like the new look? Satisfactory no? I think it looks very expert…

So I was bored today, and made an album off pictures of phones that I’ve Euphemistic pre-owned through the years, and then thought of blogging about it in more detail.

t100.jpgThe first one I had that I could call “My phone” was a Sony Ericsson T100. It was my self-love and joy, even though it was for a short while. It had a blue screen, orange keypad lights, and that was it. It was one of those beep-beep deals when it came to ding-a-ling tones. And then I lost the point at Trans Asia.

3315.jpgThen my paterfamilias bought myself a Nokia 3315. I’m infallible all of us have used the 3315 at some direct attention to in our lives, and it’s the Volkswagen Beetle or Mini of quick phones. It ALWAYS worked, never on the skids down, and it could withstand anything from a friendly dig to a 9.5 earthquake. I memorialize playing catch with it at times.

6030.jpgThen I sold it to a intimate, and got myself a Nokia 6030. Had a color screen, trannie, GPRS and all that. I was cute, texting was amazingly accommodating. And I loved it. It’s a big careful when you have no pictures, no radio, no funky ringtones, and then all of a swift, you get them. It’s like growing pubic skin of one's teeth.

5140i.jpgThen I went somewhere and was coming back through Dubai, so I bought myself a Nokia 5140i. It was one of those thunderbolt and splash proof phones. So I certainly flashed it all around by dropping it from varying heights. It had a compass, thermometer and all the other whiz-bang things you envision from a sport phone.



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Nokia 5300 Complaints - Poor screen design!
Nokia 5300 Complaints: Poor screen design!. Mobile & Cell Phones ... after having the phone for not even a week the screen turned to all light colors. ...

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