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NewNEW Nokia XpressMusic 5300 - Black (T-Mobile) Cellular Phone
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Nokia XpressMusic 5300 - Black (T-Mobile) Cellular Phone
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Nokia 5300 Black number Music Articulate+Auricolare Originale Bluetooth

Nokia 5310 Xpress Music - orange (T-Mobile)

OVR Nokia 5310

Ten months after announcing its new 5310 and 5610 Xpress Music phones, Nokia for all time has released them to a U.S. carrier–well, at least one of them. Last week in New York Big apple, T-Mobile added the 5310 to its lineup, and from what we recognize, it will soon pick up the 5610 as well. The 5310 offers everything you’d envisage in an Xpress Music phone, but it sports an captivating candy-bar design that is more than a skin of one's teeth trimmer than T-Mobile’s early previously to Xpress Music phone, the Nokia 5300 . It passes the conduct test as well, and it’s a contract at $49 with a two-year crease. Alternatively, you can buy it unlocked for around $200. To find accessories for this phone, see our stall phone ringtones and accessories counsel .

Nokia doesn’t recklessly follow trends, so it wasn’t surprising that the fellowship didn’t hotfoot it to copy the thin-phone attainment of the now-ancient Motorola Razr . But with the eye-enchanting 5310, Nokia is giving slim evil intent a go. And we can report it comes together unreservedly nicely. At 4.1 inches by 1.8 inches by 0.41 inch, the 5310 is the trimmest Nokia we’ve seen, if not one of the thinnest phones ever. It is a time’s difference from the more bulky 5300 and 5700 Xpress Music handsets; in factors, if it weren’t for the extrinsic music controls on all three models, you wouldn’t conscious that they’re related. We’re not craven to admit that the 5310 is one stylish, even obscene, cell phone.

Though compendious and portable the 5310 is no wispy phone. At 3 ounces it has a relaxed, solid feel in the penmanship and we felt confident that it could take a few drops to the nonplus, even with the plastic rear veneer. T-Mobile sells the 5310 in three versions: purple and black, orange and black, and red and black (in receptacle you haven’t heard, purple is the new pink). We examined the purple kind, but all features are the same on each model. Meanwhile, the unlocked interpretation comes in red and black and blue and black.



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