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Laser pointers and the law.

Now this article is what I like to see - some sensibility in the mainstream media. Well done ABC!

No mortal physically should possess any particularly influential laser without adequate provisions for security, of course - but there are already laws in chore regarding licensing and laser sanctuary.

My only real concern is that the law won't cater adequate provision for personal private citizens to own unripe laser pointers with a reasonable power manufacture, say 10mW, for astronomy.

Also, it's not like they make these things in Australia - so if they're banned from importation and seized by customs, then that's similar to a complete ban.

Yes, by all means, you've got to account for the daft people - but I don't like eroding people's well-mannered liberties to do it.

My other chief uneasiness is that the primary legitimate estimate for private individuals to own more powerful laser pointers is to use them for astronomy - for pointing, summarize sighting, alignment and to conceive virtual stars - and doubtlessly, that involves shining the laser trestle up into the night sky! My chief involvement is that ignorant citizens, and overzealous, unknowing police for that matter, will put in an appearance after those who are doing that, and try and charge them, and/or seize the laser.

There seems to be a well-founded deal of public benightedness out there about this sort of thing - laser pointers seem to be demonised a lot, and people lose that they're legitimately useful. I bear in mind the exact same thing started incident about 10 years ago, when red 1 mW - 5 mW laser pointers started becoming very commonplace.

I sordid, most people - and most news articles - don't seem to even remember the distinction between a laser and a laser pointer, or that lasers have dissimilar power levels, and some are more hazardous than others - if fair use is to be protected, and people are to be au fait of...


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