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Mathmos Aduki Ni

Mathmos Aduki Ni
A in holy matrimony of clever geologist types are on a dig somewhere in the bull's-eye of nowhere. Huddled around this strange purpose, they try desperately to figure what on mother earth the thing is! And indeed if it originates from our marvellous blue planet.

Andrew (the older one with the broad, slightly-greying scientist beard and red lumberjack shirt) declares: ''It’s a stone I certain you, probably from the Neolithic age. Although I can’t form out why it’s so polished.'' But Peter (the younger one with a centre-sized scientist beard and jet-black 'Bring Back X Files' T-shirt) is not convinced and as contrasted with replies: ''Rubbish! I tell you it’s not of this planet. It’s unequivocally extra-terrestrial.''

Thanks for that Peter. Either way, the Mathmos Aduki Ni will certainly authorization everyone perplex. Until it lights up. At rest period, it’s somewhat reminiscent of the space craftiness in Flight of the Navigator. Anyone memorialize that? No? Oh dear we are definitely getting a bit old here at Shushhh! Okay so possibly it looks like a well-polished rock, but shift it on and you will marvel as it cycles through colours in a palliative spectacle of sensual delicate. The clever people at the Mathmos delineation studio have clearly meet up up with the goods again and this visual whatsis is certainly more than an eyeful.

There are 3 versions to elect from when buying. In each case, the Mathmos Aduki Ni slowly cycles through a group of colours, starting for lesson with Red and ending with Green, or Lewd to Red, or Blue to Green. On to either leave it on continuous rotation or breather on the colour of you choice. As expected you can turn the thing off if you hurriedly realise you’re about to enter a catalepsy-like state.

And when sitting in your...


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