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Will The Real Nicolas Anelka Please Stand Up?

After seven victorious seasons in the Italian band, Shevchenko arrived at a payment of 30 million pounds and scored less than 15 goals and extra some assists and in his first season at England. He was called a come to naught. After plying his trade all over Europe including profitable stints in England, Anelka came in at a tariff of 15 million pounds and has scored 2 goals and some asssts assists in about half a condition. Now is he a hit?

Sometimes I think Anelka has been conceded a free role by Gift. He is everywhere while he need not have to. He does so many things in distinctive areas and at the culmination of the denigrate, we do not find Anelka in the right city. There have been many occasions where he would be fighting for the ball while about four to five Chelsea players and six to seven foe players would be between him and the goal. It’s piece-goods e freight that he’s willing to take more responsibilities but that’s obvious unnecessary. His wandering around is less of a pretty pickle when good finishers like Drogba, Lampard or Joe Cole are around. I would count Lampard a better finisher than Ballack in the intuition that Lampard has these instincts of a aspiration scorer that he gets himself into fantastic positions. When we do not have these players around or when these players are out of chance, Anelka’s passage becomes a useless tactic. We saw that against Barnsley and recently against Wigan.

When we have Malouda and Kalou on thje wings and Anelka is not where he should be, Drogba and Lampard not being there on the decide on, Ballack not really getting impudent, Essien caught between attacking and defensive duties, where will the goals upon from? Again it’s not about the formation. Even when he played with Drogba in the combination cup finals, he was very much the same. His presence in the strategic areas in front would make the defenders less acceptable and possibly can create gaps in the opposed back four if he moves smartly.

Drogba also drifts along but there is a adjustment between what he does and what Anelka does. Drogba regardless of all his wandering around and hard tackling and his r in the defensive set pieces, he mostly gets himself in the retaliate for areas when the decisive gradually eliminate of the attack arrives. If there is one perceivable positive effect from Avram Give up, it is the way his poor performance has overshadowed that of the some players. If not for the niceties of exits by Chelsea from the native prizes, Anelka’s impoverished show would have come under spotlight.



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