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NewAmazon Kindle 6" Wireless Reading Device Free 3G (AT&T) & Wi-Fi (Graphite Dark)
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Kindle Wireless Reading Device (6" Display, U.S. Wireless)
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Kindle Wireless Reading Device-Graphite
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Amazonkindle Wireless Reading Device 3G 6 inch display White 2nd Generation
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Verizon Wireless Home Phone Connect Device Huawei (F256-VW) *VZW Network* READ
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LG 2.0 Speaker with Dual Dock for Select Apple and Android Devices ND5630 *READ*
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Genuine iLive (ISB311B) Bluetooth Speaker For Music Device or Smart Phone *READ*
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NewPortable Fish Finder LCD Wired Sonar Sensor Transducer Reading Display Device
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Unknown Verizon Wireless car charger for a mobile device (Read description L@@K!
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V.ALRT VSN400 Personal Emergency Response Device READ DETAILS (M)
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NewV3 Mains Wall Plug Charger For Kindle Wireless Reading Device Kobo Touch Reader
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NewER301 13.56 MHZ RFID read-writer device/IC card read-writer+30p mifare S50 cards
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Amazon Kindle Wireless Reading Device White
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3 Amazon Kindle 6" Wireless Reading Device D00901
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Charcoal Black Bose SoundSport In-Ear Headphones Apple Devices - NO AUDIO - Read
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Do a lot of reading?

Have you heard of wireless reading devices? I did a teensy-weensy while ago but didn't think much of it. Why would people shun books?

Amazon has their own wireless reading device, Graciously. It caught my attention after we recently ordered a new record to study at our homegroup meetings. The same work we're studying was available on Graciously books. And it was available for less as a Animate book, much less actually. The earmark itself was $5 less but considering that we paid shipping on the soft-cover we would have saved $9.00 if we acquainted with Kindle. That grabbed my publicity.

Considering that we average about 4-6 new books a month between Jake and I, I started to see the advantages of a wireless reading device. Besides the books costing less, thrift shelf space, and the environmental fact - It's yours instantly. No more running to the bookstore to see if it's in house or waiting for days for the UPS guy wondering "is today the day??"

So, what do you muse over? Have wireless reading devices gotten your regard? Do you think they would be a help or a deterrent in your busy life? I've already had about 6 ways it would be more opportune to have one run through my mind. Could you see yourself using one?

In anyway a lest you're curious, this is the book we're studying in our homegroup (which is just another little talk for Bible study at someone's haven :-D) :

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